Maghni AI Multithreading Update

Hello everybody!

Deepest apologies for the delayed update - our schedule has picked up and kept us quite busy as of late!

For the past two months, our main task has been multithreading - connecting the back-end of Maghni AI to our GUI that the user will utilize to make our vocal instruments sing.

Aside from progress on our final task, the things we have achieved since the last update are:

  • Completion of the piano roll.
  • Full integration of text hyphenation, phoneme syllabification, and phoneme to segment conversion.
  • Completion of the parameter input section.
  • Comprehensive combination of GUI elements.
  • Musical score data import and export function completed.
  • Front-end and engine internal API integrated.
  • Musical score data to voice instrumental data conversion function completed.

Until next time!

~ GG