Hi! We’re VocaTone Studio.

We’re the creators of Oliver — and now, the next generation of voice synth AI.

Meet Maghni AI — our newest synth AI in collaboration with Misbah Studios.

Maghni AI is a new, intuitive, and innovative singing vocal synthesizer perfect for your music production. All you have to do is simply select a singer library, draw a note, type in the lyrics, and press play for gorgeous singing straight from your computer. Maghni AI works using an advanced algorithmic AI based on hundreds of hours of training data captured from real professional singers. This allows you to create realistic and natural singing synthesis right out of the box. Maghni AI’s dynamic engine also allows you to change vibrato, adjust pronunciation, create pitch bends, and modify voice parameters such as nasality, breathiness, and more, so you can tweak every note to your perfect sound.

Want to tailor each consonant and vowel to fit your vision of the ideal singer? Now you can! Use Maghni AI to show off a song in progress to a client, write jingles for a commercial, teach your choir or acapella group their individual parts, or even utilize it as primary, backing, or ambient vocals in your original compositions. Together with our expanding library of languages, unique vocalists, and diverse voice types fitting many different music genres, you’ll be sure to find the perfect singer to fit your needs. Come check us out. Maghni AI, the Voice You’ve Been Looking For.

Development Updates & More

Oliver's 11th Anniversary

Happy holidays! And that includes Oliver’s 11th Anniversary!

Last year, we got in contact with a handful of highly talented musicians who created music featuring Oliver’s vocals and made a video compilation of their songs and stories. This year we would like to make another video compilation, but this time we would like to invite all creators who find inspiration in Oliver to take part in its creation.

We strongly encourage anybody who has created original music, karaoke covers, and art to submit them to info@vocatone.studio

Submission Rules:

  • Submission must be submitted by December 18th
  • You must be the creator of the submission
  • The submission must only feature Oliver
  • No inappropriate themes
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Maghni AI GUI Update

Hello everybody!

Since the last update on the development Maghni AI, we have met a solid amount of the goals we set for ourselves, and we’d love to share what we have gotten done on our side these past few weeks!

As was said in an earlier update, the engine of Maghni AI is complete. At this stage, we are currently connecting the functions of the engine to their own respective controls on our GUI. Along with development of the GUI itself, the GUI has been completely translated into multiple languages with the assistance of native speakers. The languages the Maghni AI interface is currently translated into are:

  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Hebrew
  • Yiddish
  • Arabic
  • Brazilian Portuguese

Along with this update on the GUI, we have been running randomized parameter inputs through the Maghni AI engine in order to ensure that there will be no errors in the case of an extremely creative user. ;)

As development on the GUI continues, so will the list of languages that Maghni AI will be able to display upon initial release! Please look forward to our next update.

~ GG

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Maghni AI Multithreading Update

Hello everybody!

Deepest apologies for the delayed update - our schedule has picked up and kept us quite busy as of late!

For the past two months, our main task has been multithreading - connecting the back-end of Maghni AI to our GUI that the user will utilize to make our vocal instruments sing.

Aside from progress on our final task, the things we have achieved since the last update are:

  • Completion of the piano roll.
  • Full integration of text hyphenation, phoneme syllabification, and phoneme to segment conversion.
  • Completion of the parameter input section.
  • Comprehensive combination of GUI elements.
  • Musical score data import and export function completed.
  • Front-end and engine internal API integrated.
  • Musical score data to voice instrumental data conversion function completed.

Until next time!

~ GG

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