Thank you for showing interest in licensing VocaTone Studio merchandise! We love to see the work of our fans and want to encourage the creativity of our audience.

We would like to take a minute to clarify our policies regarding fanart, fan works, and other items based on VocaTone Studio-licensed characters such as Oliver, Aurum, and Audine.

Items utilizing or based on VocaTone Studio-licensed characters are subject to CC BY-NC 4.0, which allows adaptations of these characters for non-commercial use. For commercial use, we offer two separate licensing processes for both independent creators and businesses.


Music albums or EPs with covers that feature a Vocatone Studio-licensed character do not need a license from VocaTone Studio to sell said music album or EP. The names of the VocaTone Studio-licensed character may also be included and/or mentioned on the music album or EP.


Please send an email to with the following information filled out as well as further details provided in the bullet points:

  • Full name - First name, last name. (must be legal name)
  • Contact email address - Your email address.
  • Location - What country or region you are located in.
  • Link to current storefront(s) - All links to where you currently sell items. If you sublicense your artwork to other storefronts, please include this if done within the last year.
  • Merchandise categories - Please include the general categories you produce merchandise in. For example: pins, charms, plushies. Please specify if you work with an outside manufacturer to make these items, or if they are self-produced.
  • Proof of origin - We take the theft of art seriously. For items you'd like to pitch to VocaTone Studio, you must be the original creator, and must have full ownership rights. For example: Self-designed graphics are okay. If you submit a 3D printed toy but did not complete the sculpt yourself, we cannot accept your application. Items without proof of origin cannot be accepted.
  • Upcoming trade shows/conventions - What shows are you attending in 2022/2023?
  • Sales data and prior sales reports on items you've sold using the IP - Please provide historical data of sales of the products you've made in the past using the IP you would like to partner with us on. These do not have to be fancy reports you spend a lot of time on! Utilize the report function from wherever you sell your items. PLEASE DO NOT include customer information, only raw sales data.

IMPORTANT: You must be of legal age in your location to work with/for us.

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to reach out to you to ask you to remove infringing material (material that could negatively impact the brand, material that is racist, sexist, or could intentionally or unintentionally hurt another person) on a case-by-case basis. Thank you for your cooperation in this!


If interested in a partnership with VocaTone Studio, please send us the following:

  • Territories you distribute to or would like to distribute to.
  • Examples of original artwork generated by your team.
  • Examples of how you would treat the VocaTone Studio brand (a good reference point is the Official Vocatone Store!) using mock-ups or examples.
  • Item categories you are interested in.
  • Royalty advance you are suggesting (MG).

We prefer to work with manufacturers that prioritize the health and safety of their workers. For each manufacturer suggested, please include these specifications:

  • Are they fully compliant with all safety requirements for selling within the territories you are requesting?
  • Does their factory have a union?
  • Does their factory meet ILO standards? (found here; please note we are still developing our full terms for manufacturing)
  • Extremely high QOL (quality of living, ie. pay, benefits, time off, etc) may be allowed in lieu of unionization, but will be a case by case basis.

Please send your inquiries with all the requested information to! New inquiries ONLY please. If you have already reached out, please be patient! We have every email that has been sent and will follow up based on interest and availability.